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PaleyFest First Reveals: "Scandal," "Arrow," "The Good Wife"

The springtime celebration of great TV rounds up some great casts.



    PaleyFest First Reveals: "Scandal," "Arrow," "The Good Wife"
    "Scandal" (starring Kerry Washington) was one of the first shows announced for the 2015 PaleyFest. The annual cast-and-creative panel event opens at the Dolby Theatre on March 6. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

    Remember a time when talking about a television series you were super into, or seeing cast members discuss their roles, or peeking at behind-the-scenes photos and news was a rare thing?

    Living in TV-fandom isolation has all but disappeared, thanks to the obsessive, show-supporting corners of the World Wide Web. But one experience cannot be duplicated by ones and zeros or blogs or tweets: Seeing and hearing cast members, and creators, discuss the series before your very ears/eyes.

    PaleyFest remains that marquee small-screen experience, the major place to enjoy a favorite actor IRL. The "in real life" aspect'll shine at The Dolby Theatre from March 6 through 13, when a bevy of casts from new and classic shows take the big stage.

    The Paley Center for Media, the Beverly Hills-based institution behind the 32-year-old William S. Paley Television Festival, made the first reveals regarding the 2015 PaleyFest on Wednesday, Jan. 7. Set to show, with performers and creators in tow? "The Good Wife," "Scandal," "Arrow," and "The Flash." (You might correctly guess that the two superhero shows'll double-panel it up, creating twice the joy for the crossover fans of both.)

    More announcements will roll out in the coming weeks, but count on more recently debuted shows and perhaps an anniversary reunion or two. (Think the "Lost" cast marking its 10th, as it did at last year's PaleyFest.)

    So how to land a coveted seat? Passes and tickets go to Paley Center members first. Various tiers of Paley members can nab passes from Jan. 20 through 22, with the general public on-sale happening Jan. 23. The individual tickets will go on sale following the passes, toward the end of January.

    As for the rest of the starry lineup? Watch this space: The whole cast-centric caboodle will be unveiled on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

    Have your questions ready, in case your favorite show is picked? Sure you do. The Internet affords us many opportunities to chat about our shows, but only PaleyFest can gather many of the greats up, in one spot, over one short time frame, for juicy, and jovial, Q & Aing.

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