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Paris + LA = Food, Music, Love

Le Grand Fooding Crush fetes both cities, party-style.



    Paris + LA = Food, Music, Love
    Le Grand Fooding Crush
    Le fromage, le DJ, le fete: LA and Paris meet at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA on Friday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27.

    The term "world city" gets trotted out quite often, for all sorts of places, but what does it truly mean? And what urban centers fit the bill?

    It means a city devoted to diversity, a fluidity of ideas, information in all its forms. It's also a place that embraces the arts and big ideas and, yep, food.

    LA qualifies, and so does Paris, and let's say a couple of other dozen cities (feel free to decide what those are). But Southern California's metropolis and the capital of France rarely get the opportunity to get together and raise some noise, world city-style.

    That merrymaking moment is soon to arrive, though, on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27. That's when Le Grand Fooding Crush Paris-LA checks into the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA's outdoor area.

    Inside Le Grand Fooding's picnic basket? Le fromage -- lots of fromage -- and Veuve Cliquot, plus delicious treats made by a cadre of Parisian chefs. DJs will be on hand, too, including some major names, and graphic artists as well.

    A ticket? They start at $50 (and 20 percent of your admission will help out LA Food Bank and MOCA).

    It's true that we have some fine French parties 'round SoCal -- those waiter races that pop up every Bastille Day charm -- but this is a Paris-meets-palm-trees-style picnic, a party brimming with intra-city love between the City of Light and the City of Angels.

    The City of Light and the City of Angels should totally hang out more, right? We mean, their nicknames alone are pretty positive and airy.

    Other world cities, don't be jealous. You can come picnic in LA, too.