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Party for the Planet at LA Zoo

Mark Earth Day with a two-day info-packed celebration.



    Party for the Planet at LA Zoo
    Jamie Pham
    Mark Earth Day with a two-day, info-packed celebration on Saturday, April 18, and Sunday, April 19.

    Do we greet every prowl-about neighborhood cat and every flitting-by butterfly with the knowledge that there, before us, goes a co-earthling?

    Not always. We can be running to our car or looking at our phone or living way up in our head. But the creatures around us share our main address, the one that comes after the street and city and zip code: Planet Earth.

    The Los Angeles Zoo pauses to both celebrate our home base's yearly bash -- hello, Earth Day -- and remind everyone that all chirping, mewling, chittering, squawking creatures share our air, our land, our water and our ultimate destiny.

    The two-day party, which flaps its wings over the Griffith Park destination, raises the environment-sweet call on Saturday, April 18, and Sunday, April 19. The focuses of the weekend-long happening are "animal conservation and preservation, sustainable living for humans, recycling and how to make the Earth a better place to live."

    While all earthlings are included in the spirit of those goals, a few feathery, furry superstars'll get the Earth Day spotlight during this globe-celebrating go-around: The California condor gets its own station, a station "that illustrates the Zoo's critical efforts to bring the largest bird in North America back from the brink of extinction and how we can help by cleaning up microtrash." 

    Desert tortoises, native vegetation, bats, the survival adaptions of animals and what we put in the ground, liquid-wise, will also get attention from keepers and visitors during the Earth Weekend.

    Zoo admission covers you on this planet-loving adventure.

    But will you, upon leaving the animal park, greet all cats and butterflies you see in the days to come as your co-passengers on this planetary ship? Well, we're pretty sure cats are cool whether we physically tip our hats to them or not, but keeping our other earthlings in mind, large and eensy, is right and good, whether it is Earth Day or any of the other days.

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