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Party on the Bridge: Celebrate a Pasadena Landmark

"Preserve and protect" one of Southern California's great spans.



    Party on the Bridge: Celebrate a Pasadena Landmark
    Colorado Street Bridge
    Celebrate Pasadena's Colorado Street Bridge on, where else, the Colorado Street Bridge. When? Saturday, July 12.

    Many a fundraiser for a local landmark happens in a hotel ballroom or convention center or meeting hall, three things that are distinctly not the landmark in question but probably can hold a crowd a bit better than the landmark could.

    But what of a bridge? That's pretty good at holding a bunch of people, once the cars are kept out. And the experience of partying on a bridge is a novel one -- pedestrians generally avoid the center of the street rather than swarm it.

    Meaning this: When history lovers gather to celebrate Pasadena's Colorado Street Bridge, the fans turn out, both to "preserve and protect" the 101-year-old span, an architectural icon that crosses the Arroyo Seco near the Rose Bowl.

    Driven into the Crown City from the west on the 134? You've seen it. Heck, you may have driven over it.

    The party takes to the bridge on Saturday, July 12. It isn't just milling about and admiring the mountain views, as fine as they are. Bands'll be in the house, or, er, park, at nearby Defenders Park, and food shall be sold (think Bling Bling Dumplings and Big Mama's Rib Shack and more).

    Cost is sixteen bucks, and, yep, you'll be helping out Pasadena Heritage which helps out the bridge. The organization does a lot of good, in fact; consider the stately structures of our rosiest city and contemplate the work that goes into their care and consideration. (Hint: A lot of work.)

    But you won't just help out the bridge. You'll enjoy the setting sun from an interesting vantage point. How many times have you zipped over the span, in a vehicle, not looking at its details and grandeur? 

    Here's your chance to head out, slowly, for some one-on-one bridge time. There's a reason it is a landmark in one of Southern California's landmarkiest cities. Bridge up and find out why.

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