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Pasadena Patooties: Free Adoption Day

Get those fees waived and get a gorgeous new forever friend.



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    Get those fees waived and get a gorgeous new forever friend on Tuesday, June 30.

    The car ride over, to possibly adopt a new kitten or bird or senior dog or gecko, has so much delightful planning and pie-in-the-sky-a-tude that you almost want to record the conversation that's happening within.

    You've maybe had such a ride with a family member. You're deciding all the awesome things you'll do for your new cat or dog or parakeet — a neon scratch post, a fancy water dish, an indestructible chew toy, you name it — because feathering a new friend's nest is nice.

    Free Adoption Day at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA may help some of the dreams plotted out on the car ride come to fruition. How? It's simple: Adoption fees on all "dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, pocket pets, and reptiles" will be vamoosed for the whole day.

    And that day is Tuesday, June 30. Board member Steve Johnson is the day's honoree and the winners are everybody who finds a loving sweetie to drive home (and, of course, those loving sweeties are big winners, too). 

    The 2014 event had several placements, including "29 cats, 13 dogs, one parakeet, one lovebird, and one chicken." Did your heart just skip a beat? It sounds rather like the cast of a for-kids adventure movie, but there's no need to guess the ending for the in-need-of-a-family animals: They found a home.

    "The event is open to anyone looking to adopt a pet," so worry not if Pasadena isn't your home turf. "(T)he shelter fills to capacity" come summertime, so placing beasties with new besties is important stuff.

    And maybe, by saving that adoption fee, you'll have some extra cash for the fancy scratch pole or cute squeaky chew toy or special fuzzy Fido blanket. More than anything, of course, your new bud just wants your lap and your love and considerate care. Those are good things to give, too.

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