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Pedestrians, Ahoy: It's Walktober

A superhero may help you cross the street. Why? It's a Walking Day of Action.



    Pedestrians, Ahoy: It's Walktober
    Kind-hearted types in superhero garb will appear at three intersections around town to assist pedestrians. Date? Tuesday, Oct. 1. Name? Walktober. Why? It's a "Walking Day of Action."

    Spotting a superhero on the streets of our fair city is not an unusual occurrence. You've been down Hollywood Boulevard in, oh, the last several years, right? Only to see Spiderman and The Hulk sharing a laugh or high-fiving?

    Yes. This happens.

    But spying a superhero, a superhero in full caped, stretchy-shiny pants'd glory, assisting pedestrians at particular intersections is a mite unusual.

    You will see that on Tuesday, Oct. 1, though, if you happen to be near Hollywood and Vine, 7th and Alvarado, or 7th and Flower at particular times of the day. Los Angeles Walks, that intrepid organization devoted to hoofing it around one of the most famously unhoofable cities in the world -- per some narrow-minded types, of course, and not reality -- will be staging a Walking Day of Action.

    What does that mean, exactly? This: "(V)olunteers will be assisting pedestrians at three different intersections throughout the day" as a way of highlighting people on foot around our auto-focused metropolis. Sweet, right? It's a call of attention to motorists and a reminder that the streets are for sharing.

    Los Angeles Walks has dubbed all of October "Walktober," so look for more events ahead. Not sure if they'll all be superhero-themed, but here's hoping.

    And while it is true that one doesn't always know when and where a superhero may show up -- that's the unpredictable nature of the saving-the-world business -- here are the times you'll see a caped good-deeder helping pedestrians 8-10 a.m. at Hollywood and Vine, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at 7th and Alvarado, and 3-5 p.m. at 7th and Flower.

    Again, this is all going down on Oct. 1, note, the first day of Walktober.

    The best bit? You're welcome to volunteer and wear your superhero costumed. That's cleaned, pressed, and hanging in the closet, right? Awesome.

    Best get all the info on the meet-up spots. If you can't make it, you can follow the big-hearted, community-helping shenanigans on Twitter.

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