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Peek Inside the Oscar Program

Spy what the stars browsed before the big show.



    Peek Inside the Oscar Program
    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    Yep, people who go to the Oscars get a program. The Academy posted the 2014 program online on Monday, March 10.

    What's the first thing you turn to when an usher hands you a program at the theater or a concert or an event?

    If you've placed an ad in the back, for your local business, you might flip to it at once, to eyeball the text and make sure it's typo-free. If you've played a role in the event, you'll look for your name. And, yep, you probably check to see whether there's an intermission.

    But where does one look first with an Oscar program? There probably won't be ads for local hamburger joints or soccer fields at the back -- although there totally should be, right? -- but there will be some fun stuff inside.

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science shared the 2014 program on Monday, March 10. It's all silver and gold, as one might expect, and it is highly resplendent, which is no shocker.

    The host, Ellen Degeneres, is listed, as are the presenters. We're just wondering if any audience members had to check the presenters page to confirm that really was Harrison Ford or Angelina Jolie walking out onto the stage? 

    The production staff gets the accolades, too, including the people who manage and supervise the famed seat fillers. (Michael Francis and John Borja, respectively.)

    Pages upon pages of film stills are included, acknowledgments, and a recap of the Scientific & Technical awards.

    Call it an interesting peek inside what Oscar attendees were holding on their laps or tucking into their bags (or, let's be honest, asking their reps to keep until after the show had wrapped). But is everyone going to tuck it away, inside a keepsake box?

    Please. You still have the program to your eighth grade musical, right? Everyone keeps 'em, forever. It's just sentimental, and sentimentality is one of the pillars Tinseltown rests upon.

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