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Perfect Storm: "Jedi" to Screen Four Times in a Day

How will you celebrate the Star-Wars-iest day of the year?



    Perfect Storm: "Jedi" to Screen Four Times in a Day
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    May the 4th is "Star Wars" Day -- May the fourth be with you, of course -- and American Cinematheque will mark the occasion with three showings of "Return of the Jedi."

    Most holidays we know have developed pretty nicely in the offline world. Some special days have taken hundreds if not thousands of years to have reached their important place in our lives.

    Then there are those quirky holidays that have gotten a lot of lift from the internet. Articles and photos spread the message, and suddenly everyone is talking about how May 4 is "Star Wars Day."

    It is -- "may the fourth be with you" is its charming annual wish to one and all -- but sometimes holidays that flourish on our screens, and not in our homes or cities, have a way of doing just that: remaining behind a screen.

    But there's a way for Los Angeles-based followers of the Force to mark May 4th in a galaxy-far-far-away-ish manner: Four screenings of "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" are set to roll at the Egyptian Theatre on, wait for it, Saturday, May 4.

    Some audience members may show as Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker, but we are really, really hoping for a brigade of Ewoks to show up saunterin' down Hollywood Boulevard.

    Ewoks kind of saunter, right? All attitude?

    Tickets are going, says American Cinematheque, so you'll want to jump on them well in advance of "Star Wars" Day.

    And our advice for all holidays that have a lot of traction online? If you want to observe them, keep track of them well before you see a bunch of Tumblr reblogs or a Facebook meme. Because by that time, if anything is happening in the real world to mark the day, chances are good the tickets are gone. 

    You don't need to be in touch with the Force to know that.

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