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Picture This: 10,000 Free Grilled Cheeses

A California restaurant chain is giving away A LOT of free sandwiches.



    Picture This: 10,000 Free Grilled Cheeses
    The Melt
    The Melt is giving away 10,000 free grilled cheeses in honor of National Grilled Cheese Day. Sign up for your get-it-free code by Friday, April. 12.

    Restaurant giveaways are funny things. There are different ways they go down, from coupons to ordering a dessert + drink to get the giveaway, but they all have one thing in common: The flow of free food is not especially on the epic size. It's not even usually all that large.

    Truth? Yeah.

    But The Melt, which has locations in both the LA area and San Francisco, too, is seeking to change that in a rather major way. How major? Well, 10,000 grilled cheese sandwiches -- yep, we meant all of those zeroes -- will be given away in honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, which is Friday, April 12.

    (Honestly? Grilled Cheese Day, at least in our house, is officially any day ending in the letter y, but, you know, we want to observe when other people observe.)

    If you want to be a part in one of the largest giveaways in restaurant lore, you'll need to do a couple of things. One? You'll need to sign up at The Melt by Friday, April 12 to nab your special QR code. And two? You'll need to plan to enjoy your gooey cheesy gratis sandwich by Sunday, April 21. And three? Okay, there is no three, but lists always seem weird to us if there are only two things on them.

    Oh, here's a fine third thing: There are fifteen locations for The Melt in its San Francisco headquartered home, and three in Los Angeles (downtown, USC, and Hollywood). Your free tasty cheesy sandwich may be procured at any of them through April 21.

    It should be added that The Melt is also introducing new breakfast melts, melts that can be ordered all day, as well as some new combos.

    Grilled cheese for breakfast? We mean, we already did that, but we just didn't want to publicly own up to it. Thank you for making it okay, The Melt.

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