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Pizza Fundraiser: Mohawk Bend + Homeboy Industries

The G-Dog pie is available at the Echo Park eatery through September.



    Pizza Fundraiser: Mohawk Bend + Homeboy Industries
    Mohawk Bend
    The G-Dog Pizza, which was created by chefs-in-training at Homeboy Industries, is available at Mohawk Bend in Echo Park through the end of September. Four dollars from every pie sold supports Homeboy programs.

    There's a reason most everyone -- and we stand by that "most everyone" most firmly -- names pizza as a favorite food: It's more satisfying, and cheesier, and easier to hold, and easier to eat another piece than pretty much every other foodstuff out there.

    Which is to say this: We'll all eat it, any ol' time, for any reason, but when it is made by up-and-coming chefs with a fine local cause in mind? It's deliciousness and do-good heart exceeds all other edibles everywhere.


    Such is the case with The G-Dog Pie, which is currently available at Mohawk Bend in Echo Park all during the month of September. The creators of the pie? The creative rising chefs at the nonprofit Homeboy Industries.

    Homeboy Industries, which began in 1992, "serves high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women with a continuum of free services and programs." It also "operates several social enterprises that serve as job-training sites."

    The Industries regularly train chefs, and a few of those food-minded innovators developed The G-Dog, named after Father Greg Boyle, the founder of the organization. In the Homeboy pizza? Think goat cheese, kalamata olives, prosciutto, spinach, and bit of olive oil. Oh, and chives, too, for a bit of zest.

    And four dollars from every $14 pie sold? Yep, you bet: The funds go to help Homeboy programs.

    Mohawk Bend's pizza-licious participation is part of the restaurant's larger "Piece of the Pie" program, which pairs up the eatery with groups around town, to raise money and awareness.

    And, of course, appreciation for delicious food. Pizza lovers -- and that's all of us, yes, as has been confirmed -- make for Echo Park before September wraps for some beneficent bites and beneficient community support.

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