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Potato Chip Pop-Up Shop

A Sunset gallery focuses on the saltiest slivers in the cupboard.



    Potato Chip Pop-Up Shop
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    ia8bit on Sunset Boulevard is hosting a potato chip pop-up shop through Sunday, Dec. 23. The shop is open Thursday through Sunday.

    These are global times we live in, but that fact, and the ease with which we can now purchase just about any unusual gift or drink or food regardless of its place of origin, does not diminish our love of seeing snacks that hail from faraway lands all in a single space.

    Should we back that up? Look no further than Atlanta's own World of Coca-Cola, and its most buzzed-about room, the place where you can sip soda samples from countries near and far.

    Now Los Angeles is getting its own brief taste of snackery from around the globe at iam8bit on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park.

    The mirthful and pop culture-loving gallery is currently featuring a pop-up shop devoted to, you guessed it, potato chips. (We say "you guessed it" because there's a photo of chips above.) Salty wafers from Japan, England, and lots of other pins on the map will be for sale.

    The shop is open through Sunday, Dec. 23 (Thursday through Sunday only, note). Are you thinking stocking stuffer for the savory-loving globetrotter in your life? We are.

    Mostly we like two things. One? The chips that hail from abroad (where they're sometimes called "crisps," of course) often come with unusual flavors, soy sauce and brown sauce and dill pickle and such. We certainly have those here, but they're not as accessible as the more standard (but still delicious) barbecue.

    And two? Pop-up shops in general. It's too bad that they only make their big showings around the holidays. The items and foods sold tend to be offbeat or at least fun. That's a positive thing shoppers could enjoy year-round.

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