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Pub Crawl LA via Metro Rail

Thrillist lists all of the taverns within walking distance to our city's rails.



    Pub Crawl LA via Metro Rail
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    Find bars within shouting distance -- or at least walking distance -- of Metro stations? Thrillist has the map. (Photo by J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images)

    If you've ever lived in a smaller town or a village abroad, chances are you've heard the words "crawl" or "hop" follow the words "pub" or "bar" or "tavern."

    That's because in highly walkable compact cities the time-honored jump from bar-to-bar does indeed involve walking or strolling (or, if you prefer a more colorful synonym, crawling or hopping).

    Los Angeles, though, has never been especially famous as a pub crawl kind of place. We're not talking to you, Santa Monica -- we know you and your neighborhood-knit ways support a few well-attended crawls throughout the year -- but rather the region at large.

    Thrillist is game to address this issue in one fell swoop -- or one fell map, rather: The site has listed a number of watering holes that are withing walking distance of our subterranean rails,

    Or "crawling" distance, if you want to stay whimsical and true to tradition.

    So what made the Metro Rail station-adjacent list? Old-timer Pig 'N Whistle in Hollywood is on there. The new-timer The Greyhound of Highland Park made the roster, too. And Shannon's on Pine, Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, and Auld Dubliner are part of the Long Beach contingent.

    There are dozens and dozens -- 80 in all -- Metro stations in Southern California, so not every cocktail-ready, chillax-out spot is listed. But the map is an excellent, well-researched reminder that drinking and driving definitely don't mix and there are ways to sip a beloved beverage and get around, and get home, in a responsible manner.

    Could the day be faraway where we start using pub crawl -- or pub train -- 'round these parts? Let's start that safer, compact-city tradition now.

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