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Pump Up the Nostalgia: 80's Prom Party

Don your lacy fingerless gloves and help animal rescue.



    Pump Up the Nostalgia: 80's Prom Party
    80's Prom Party
    The 80's Prom Party isn't just about dressing (and hairspraying and glittering) up; it's about helping animal rescue, too. Be at the Fonda Theatre on Friday, Feb. 13 with your dancing shoes on.

    Music mavens may argue about the meaning behind lyrics, and who was the better frontman for a long-running band and whether a particular cover of a song is better than the original. But few wickets are stickier, at least in the song world, than Who Gets the '80s More.

    In this corner? People who lived through the ostentatious era. In this other corner? People who did not but have adopted the synth-y sounds and over-the-top looks as their own. And in the middle? Fierce feelings over who "owns" fingerless gloves, keytar hooks and neon-bright skinny ties. 

    Our suggestion? Come together and breakdance it out at the Fonda Theatre on Friday, Feb. 13. That means you, teens of the 1980s who've never, ever been able to get "Safety Dance" fully out of your brain space. And that means you, people born later on who think of '80s pop culture as something you discovered.

    It's the 80's Prom Party, an annual fete that's all about raising the sassy spirit of the DayGlo-iest decade and dressing garishly in the process. "Garishly" is said with total love, of course; what's 1980s-style costuming if strangers who encounter you don't flinch a little from the sheer brightness?

    But saying that the prom is "all about" just having nostalgic fun isn't quite right. Animal love is the beneficiary, and "all of the event's proceeds will go to Noah's Bark Animal Rescue and other animal rescues to make sure rescued pets have proper veterinary services, food, and shelter."

    Your ticket? It's thirty bucks. Your wardrobe? That's your own deal, but we know you have a flouncy tulle skirt and bow-topped headband in the back of your closet.

    Or maybe the front? Young 1980s fans of today have adopted much of the decade's fearless fashion, which means that those who lived it should definitely be rocking those skinny ties, even outside of any events themed specifically to the era.

    C'mon: You know they look hot.

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