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Punch Bowl Revival: Tam O'Shanter Gets Traditional

Looking for something vintage with your meal? The Atwater Village landmark has just the drink.



    Punch Bowl Revival: Tam O'Shanter Gets Traditional
    Tam O'Shanter
    Punch is the thing come Sunday Brunch at the Tam O'Shanter.

    Decanters and bottles and jugs that serve liquid refreshment aren't typically worth much note, except to say they're useful when we need hydration.

    But a few libation-holders have entered the realm of comment, humor, and pop culture over the years. The watercooler is a big one -- that's where we discuss last night's TV cliffhanger -- and the punch bowl, too.

    Punch bowls are harder to find than watercoolers, except at the Tam O'Shanter, which now has a punch bowl for any table that orders it. That's right: A bowl of punch right on your table.

    Wonders? Please never cease.

    The slightly antiquated dish has long served as the spot where wallflowers gather at a dance, a charming, fruit-flavored meet-up point. But not at the cottage-like Atwater Village landmark: It's you and your party enjoying "a special 50-ounce communal punch bowl" which equals four to six glasses.

    Cost? Nineteen bucks.

    The punches change from week to week, with Spanish Sangria and La Fleur (think St. Germain and Champagne) making cameos in recent weeks. It's available during the Tam O'Shanter's Sunday brunch, which is on from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on, you guessed it, Sundays.

    Will this change up the punchbowl's doily-sweet reputation? We do like its old-fashioned character so very much. Meaning the Tam, which will celebrate its centennial in just a few years, is the perfect place for the punchbowl to once again make its sip-worthy stand.

    Here's hoping that watercoolers never start appearing on restaurant tables, though, honestly, in LA, it is probably only a matter of time.

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