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Queen Mary Time Travel: Ten Decades Over Ten Hours

The big boat takes a novel and historic approach to the Fourth of July.



    Queen Mary Time Travel: Ten Decades Over Ten Hours
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    Journey from the 1920s to today, all over a single afternoon, on the Queen Mary. The time travel Fourth of July happens on, you guessed it, Thursday, July 4.

    Many holidays possess specific hallmarks, but few can rival Independence Day for tried-and-true traditions. Fireworks? Yes. Sparklers? Yes. Flags? For sure. Barbecues? Definitely. Parades? Yep.

    So trying a twist on the Fourth of July that is both a) a little offbeat but b) doesn't stray too far from the holiday's historic spirit is always a welcome and interesting thing. The Queen Mary is trying just that, and the fact that there's a time travel element to the day should charm the Fourth of July fan no end.

    Here's the delightful deal: Starting at noon on Thursday, July 4, the Long Beach-based ocean liner will start visiting a number of past decades.

    The 1920s is stop number one at noon, and the music and dance will reflect that (the "Hedge Hog Swing" is promised, as is a barbershop quartet). Then the 1930s will arrive, and the 1940s, where tunes will have an Andrews Sisters flavor.

    As evening approaches, so do the '50s and 1960s, and the theme will continue right up to the fireworks, when the style and sounds of today reign. (Isn't it always hard to peg what the current vibe is? So easy when you look back, less so when you look around.)

    Truly, it's pretty cute, Queen Mary, and we hope guests go full bore in the dress-up department.

    But how does one accurately rock an outfit that reflects the 1920s through today? A little bit of everything? Accessories may be the key.

    And, yep, the night ends with the big fireworks show that Long Beach is known for, the one over the water.

    A general admission to the Queen Mary Fourth of July is $39.99.

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