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Quirky Snack: The Bacon-Filled Hush Puppy

Neal Fraser's Fritzi Dog puts a savory spin on the hearty snack.



    Quirky Snack: The Bacon-Filled Hush Puppy
    Fritzi Dog
    Are you a fan of things stuffed inside other things? Fritzi Dog at Farmers Market is cooking up a bacon-stuffed hush puppy.

    "Things stuffed inside other things" deserves its own food category or, at the very least, a weekly show on one of the major cable networks.

    It's an area of fascination for foodies, started, we can only guess, by the much-ballyhooed debut of the famous Turducken a few decades back.

    But things stuffed inside other things doesn't need to be quite so complex. For example, bacon? It works well in omelets, in BLTs, and now, the hush puppy, something you probably weren't expecting us to end on.

    Fritzi Dog at Farmers Market is the place for these meaty savories. Known for fancy hot dogs made without filler-y stuff, Fritzi Dog also is exploring some intriguing sides, including a spin on tater tots.

    (Aside: When will tater-tottery become a trendy thing on the LA scene? Have its own shop on Santa Monica Pier? Potato specialists, please drop everything else and get on this at once.)

    But hush puppies? We see them even less, which is too bad, since cornmeal'd tastiness benefits practically every main dish. They're called Bacon Pups at Fritzi Dog. They're bacon sous-vive that's been coated in corn batter.

    Nothing not to like about that sentence, if you love bacon, corn batter, and foodstuff that coated in other good foodstuff.

    So, there's today's wish list: A cable network series about things stuffed inside other things. A tater-tottery on Santa Monica Pier. More foodstuffs coated in other foodstuffs. And a side of bacon pups on the pretty, tree-dotted east patio of Farmers Market, steps away from the fancy hot dog stand that makes 'em.

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