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Rawr, LA Zoo! Summer Music Nights

Three Thursday nights, food trucks, and a cast of furry beasties round out a warm-weather tradition.



    Rawr, LA Zoo! Summer Music Nights
    LA Zoo
    Roaring Nights at the LA Zoo give a big rawr on three Thursdays: July 11, 18, and 25. Food trucks and furry beasties await, plus live music.

    If the animals of the Los Angeles Zoo had their own food trucks, would they serve what the animals typically eat, except in frou-frou waffle cones and milkshake cups? Would there be 2-for-1 deals on dinner specials and buy one, get one free?

    We imagine yes, but we're happy that the lions and gazelles and koalas have keepers who take care of all of their culinary needs. And we're happy we humans get to visit with the LA Zoo animals, and get to enjoy only-for-people food trucks, all on the same night.

    Make that nights, as in three nights: July 11, 18, and 25. Those are the live music-food trucks-visit animal evenings at the zoo, evenings that have become something of a tradition over the years. Past years have seen a world-beat vibe to the proceedings, but this summer the name is Roaring Nights.

    Comedians at the petting zoo -- those words are funny to even type, actually -- a DJ and tunes and, yep, the food trucks are part of the scene. And our favorite bits? The zookeeper talks and animal visits. Because while you can listen to good tunes and nosh on tacos most anywhere, there's only one place in the city to see a big cat licks its paws or yawn or show its impressive chompers.

    The food trucks will include the Grilled Cheese Truck and Coolhaus. Yep, we kind of do wonder how lion food would look between two cookies, a la Coolhause ice cream sandwich, but we're pretty sure the beasties of the zoo like their grub just the way it is now, no food truck menu board or hip plateware required.

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