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Re-enact Cinema's Most Famous Spaghetti Moment

Is it filmdom's best-loved food scene? Watch "Lady and the Tramp" again and decide.



    Re-enact Cinema's Most Famous Spaghetti Moment
    Bella Notte, indeed: "Lady and the Tramp" is on the big screen at El Capitan through Feb. 20.

    Admit it. Just 'fess up. We're all on good terms here, so no judgment: When you first saw "Lady and the Tramp," did you put "eating a piece of spaghetti at the same time as someone else" high on your list of life goals?

    It's a foodie feat that should be high on all of our list of must-dos. Because few restaurants scenes have been as charmingly portrayed in the annals of moviedom, and few scenes boast such a great song. "Bella Notte" is the lush, accordion-laden work that plays when Tramp and Lady first kiss -- or at least touch lips -- over that single piece of pasta.

    Do we mean lips? Or snouts? We forget their dogs sometimes. You, too?

    El Capitan in Hollywood is revisiting that moment, and the entire1955 Disney animated classic, from Feb. 14 through 20.

    But, as with many things El Cap, the movie isn't just about the movie. Miceli's, from up the boulevard, will cater some meals during Valentine's weekend, at the historic theater, meaning that you and your sweetheart can attempt to reenact the spaghetti scene, only in the real world.

    Wait. Did we just type that? Surely the world of "Lady and the Tramp" is real as well? Forgive our slip. We still are deal with the fact that Lady and Tramp are dogs.

    Reservations are a must for the Miceli's meals, which run from Friday, Feb. 14 through Sunday, Feb. 16 at the landmark, but the movie itself is on through Thursday the 20th. If you can't make the Miceli's to-do, you can of course walk a couple of blocks east and eat at Miceli's itself. A promise? The old-school drippy-wax favorite will have loads of spaghetti to practice upon.

    But is your sweetheart up for it? And who will play Lady and who will play Tramp? You decide.

    It's a charming film with several Disney hallmarks -- that zoo beaver with the memorable "S" pronunciation, for one -- and just the sweet treat for Valentine's week.

    Wait. Did we mean "sweet"? Or savory. After all, marinara and muttly love are forever entwined, thanks to this Fido-filled film.

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