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Refurbished Forum Set to Bow

The spiffed-up venue'll welcome The Eagles and Pink's Hot Dogs, too.



    Refurbished Forum Set to Bow
    Inglewood's refreshed Forum debuts on Jan. 15 with a run of shows from the Eagles and a bevy of local eats.

    When Angelenos look back at this time, they may remember the 2013 to 2014 period as one where some of our most classic entertainment venues got a little spiffing up.

    Or make that a lot. The TCL Chinese Theatre went through a full-on, seat-to-IMAX-screen overhaul last summer, and now? The refurbished Forum is set to make its re-debut.

    And make it in a big, California-classic way: The Eagles will rock out a half dozen shows to guests sitting in the spanking new seats.

    And eating the new eats, many of which also have the local love going. Will Pink's Hot Dogs be in the (round) house? You bet. Coolhaus and Carney's and Cole's and La Brea Bakery and Hadley's, as in the dates, will all be concessioning during events.

    Madison Square Garden Co., by the by, bought the iconic Inglewood venue in June 2012. A hundred million dollars later, the built-in-1967 entertainment landmark is well-refurbished and ready to be Hotel-California'd back into the rock scene.

    The Eagles have played the venue before, but pretty much everyone has, and we'll stand by that sweeping statement. Did you grow up in LA, loving music? How many concerts did you see there. Ten? Fifty? 

    Trust that the nostalgia is still present at 3900 W. Manchester Boulevard, even if the seats and details and concessionaires have been buffed up. But new nostalgic reminiscing is set to take place, as fans head out to see Paul Simon and Sting and the Kings of Leon in the coming weeks.

    Oh, and speaking of being Hotel-California'd... Seen the giant Hotel California disc atop the Forum? It's a sweet shout-out to airplaners who spy the building as they head into LAX.

    Oh, and the gorgeous and aspirational column'd design by Charles Luckman & Associates? That's still intact, yep.