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Ren Faire: Time to Shine That Suit of Armor

A medieval festival is about to bloom in Irwindale.



    Ren Faire: Time to Shine That Suit of Armor
    Stephen Chopp
    Can we get a "huzzah"? Ren Faire is galloping for Irwindale as we speak. Opening date? April 4.

    One of the rather marvelous elements of an outfit straight out of medieval times is how it sounds.

    Not many of our modern togs are quite as audible as ye olden times clothing, and it is our loss, too. For think of all of those suits of armor that clanged, and the brassy chimes hidden in a dancer's diaphanous skirt, and the teeny tiny bells seen at the very tippy ends of a jester's two-toned hat.

    The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire welcomes such easy-to-hear habiliments, and any clothing that is colorful, historic, fantasy-driven or simply outlandish. That means you still have time to sew bells onto your dress or shine up your clanking suit of armor before the huge festival's early-April opening day.

    That opening day is always the first Saturday of the fourth month, so circle April 4 on the parchment you use as a calendar. The place? Nope, it isn't Northern England circa 1510; it's the Irwindale of 2015. That makes getting you and your bell-laden jester's hat up to the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area so much less of a challenge. 

    It's doable, is what we're saying, sans a time machine.

    Will you be warm on day #1? Mayhaps -- we'll be wrapping a heat wave, say those soothsayers that read the weather. But springtime and Ren Faire are old friends, and you'll find shade upon the many booths, places to eat, trees and spots to watch the merry doings. 

    Those merry doings include jousts, aerial dancers, drummers, jugglers, jolly theatrics, madrigals performed live, cameos by the queen, the Mistress of Misrule and other character-filled characters. There shall be many vendors of the jewelry, oils, stone and wood goods and curiosity variety, too, in case you need further kitting for a future faire visit.

    Cost? It's $28 for a day for an adult.  

    When does it end? May 17. What days does it forsooth upon? Ren Faire shall forsooth upon the weekends from April 4 through May 17. Do you need time-travel-y togs to attend? You do not, good lady or gentleman. Are there themed weekends! Huzzah! (Yes.)

    Had time to buff your chest plate, then? Good. The ruffs and tights'll be in full and glorious display in mere days, and whether your clothing makes sounds or not doesn't matter. All medieval-mad merrymakers are welcome. 

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