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Rib Lovers, Here's Your Full-On Ribs Festival

Meaty, saucy, fingertip-sticky times are ahead for Chinatown.



    Rib Lovers, Here's Your Full-On Ribs Festival
    Ready for ribs, ribbians? Make for Chinatown on Sunday, July 13 for the Food GPS Rib Festival.

    Is Fourth of July Weekend the most rib-laden-iest weekend on the all-important barbecue calendar?

    Well, Memorial and Labor Day Weekends certainly make a run for that savory crown, and Super Bowl Sunday does as well.

    Because when it comes down to it, if people are going to throw a slab over some hot coals, you can bet there are one or more of the following components involved: fine weather, a holiday, time off from work, fireworks, sparklers, a sporting event, Frisbee playing, pool splashing, and sides galore.

    Should you not get your rib fill on Independence Day, or if your hosting friends go the burger-grilling route, trust your fingertips shall soon be made sticky, for a rib festival is headed for Chinatown on Sunday, July 13.

    The group behind the saucy times? Food GPS. The restaurants, food trucks, and eat specialists representing in a ribly fashion? Chad Colby of Chi Spacca, Matt Poley of Heirloom LA, and Bryant Ng of The Spice Table are three of the names on the longer, ribbier list.

    "Ribbier" is totally a word, right? As in, "this barbecue should be ribbier"? 

    Wordists, discuss.

    Cocktail makers and dessert mavens will be on the grounds, handling the drink and sweet end of things. Yep, we know, beer and ribs go together like... well, beer and ribs. (Coming up with a more apt duo is a challenge.) But cocktails can add a piquant edge.

    And while drinks and desserts can land on the sweet side of things, can't ribs, once and awhile? We're not suggesting rib cake or rib cookies, though some foodie is likely experimenting with the concept. We're simply saying a sugary rub on a rib is not out of bounds.

    Ribbists, discuss.

    General admission? Sixty five bucks.

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