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Rob Floyd's Cocktail Theatre

Watch Halloween drinks pour to life, with pizzazz, drama, and humor.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Rob Floyd's Cocktail Theatre
    Rob Floyd's Cocktail Theatre storms Ocean 41 for more high jinks and highballs. Dates? Friday, Oct. 24 and Wednesday, Oct. 29.

    A cocktail maven can perch atop a stool at a bar and watch their bartender squeeze lemon slices and sprinkle sugar and shake shakers and do all of the things that are typically done behind a bar, and the price of the show? The cost of the drink.

    But what if that show contained buckets of razzmatazz, some education, a few Mexican wrestling masks and/or zombies, some posh food pairings, and a spooky seasonal theme? Then you'd have Rob Floyd's Cocktail Theatre, a mixology-meets-the-classroom event that arrives with a strong whiff of madcap and plenty of humor.

    Mr. Floyd, a mixologist who has created cocktails for a bevy of award shows and big events, returns to 41 Ocean Club in Santa Monica on Friday, Oct. 24 and Wednesday, Oct. 29. Purpose? To make Halloween sippables, with showmanship and style, and, yes, a few additional performers. The crew from the last Halloween Cocktail Theatre was masked and/or caped, so, yep: It's outlandish.

    The theme of this particular Cocktail Theatre -- Mr. Floyd travels far and around presenting many iterations of his staple show -- is Zombie Apocalypse, so prepare for a side of moan with that martini.

    Cost? It's $125, and that nets you five signature cocktails (so line up that cab) and a trio of dishes from Chef Jimmy Martinez. If you'd like to skip the drinks, you can attend for the show and food and a quintet of non-alcoholic sips for fifty bucks.

    Fun fact? Cameron Romero, son of George Romero, master of all zombie-film-yuckity-goodness, is an 41 Ocean Club member and is serving as the director on this Cocktail Theatre.

    Libations from the great beyond? With spectacle, laughs, and true art? Call it a few steps beyond sitting at a bar watching your mixologist compose your drink. A few steps beyond=more zombies, in this case.


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