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Romping This Way: A Cafe of Adoptable Dogs

Socialize over coffee and maybe find a new cutie, too.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    The Dog Cafe
    The Dog Cafe is raising funds for a place where hound fans can get a cup of joe and a canine cuddle (and, fingers crossed, perhaps offer a home to the adoptable pooch). Join an early "Pup-Up" event from Jan. 22-25 to support the cafe.

    If you're a Brussels Griffon buff or an Akita enthusiast or you are wild for every canine of every breed, muttly or pedigreed, there is no situation you're in where you don't think "this could be bettered by the presence of a dog."

    Right? Having your taxes done, having your hair done, having your tires rotated. Dogs delight dog-loving humans in all situations, but there remain some places where our furry ones are verboten.

    The interior of cafes would fall under this header. Sure, you can be with your pooch on the patio, but going inside, for some java and some book-reading time? Sorry, pooch.

    But The Dog Cafe is on the path to change this, and add a very big-hearted, giveback, happy home spin to the sipping of the coffee, too. LAist reports that Sarah Wolfgang, who has volunteered extensively in dog rescue, is crowdfunding in hopes of opening a Southern California coffeehouse where patrons can cuddle with and visit pups and possibly adopt a pup that catches their heart.

    There's a way to enjoy happy waggers ahead of the canine coffeehouse dream being realized, though: Look for a "Pup-Up event" downtown from Jan. 22 through 25.

    Yes, Pup-up.

    The Indiegogo page where Ms. Wolfgang is attempting to raise $200,000 says that LA-based The Dog Cafe would be the first in the United States. (True, there are cat cafes, here and there, like the one that meowed in Chinatown in the fall of 2014.)

    And the dogs of The Dog Cafe wouldn't curl up under your table, it should be noted; the coffee enjoyment space and the canine cooing space would be separate. There are other considerations and codes to follow, but Ms. Wolfgang delineates how she's responding to the hound-related hurdles on the fundraising site.

    So, lovers of Lassies: Could you swing by The Dog Cafe, if it becomes a reality, order a cup of Grounds and Hounds Fair Trade Organic coffee, and nuzzle a Chiweenie for a bit or perhaps a Bulldog-Pug-Maltese? And maybe, just maybe, take that little guy home with you?

    Ms. Wolfgang would like to see 104 dogs go to homes during the cafe's first year in business. If dogs really do improve every situation, ponder that 104 households could be improved by accepting a tail-wagger into their lives, all because a cup of coffee at The Dog Cafe started it.

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