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Round, Hot, and Batter-y: Favorite LA Pancakes

Where will you spread the butter come Pancake Week?



    Round, Hot, and Batter-y: Favorite LA Pancakes
    Pancake Week is Feb. 10 through 16. Where are you digging into the breakfast batter?

    Sometimes an iconic image can wear out its welcome. Or, at the very least, that image needs to make room for a new way of doing things.

    Take the humble pancake. Just about every time it is photographed it is photographed in the same way: A stack of five (or more), a perfect pat of butter, and the right amount of syrup drizzle.

    But is that truly how we consume our flapjacks? We put forth that many people actually butter and syrup as they eat, with each bite, rather than at the beginning. Professional pancake photographers of the world, can you capture this bit of breakfast-based truthfulness, rather than the tried-and-maybe-not-so-true super stack?

    Ahem. However you take your morning batter, you might consider taking it at a Southern California restaurant from Sunday, Feb. 10 through Sunday, Feb. 16. That's National Pancake Week. And International Pancake Day? Tuesday, Feb. 12. Please. You know things are serious when a full holiday coincides with a week for the very same product. 

    LA has many places to flapjack it up, but we thought we'd focus on a few interesting dishes rather than restaurants.

    The Griddle Cafe on Sunset, the king of kings amongst those in trade in pancakery, does a Red Velvet Pancake. Cream cheese is involved in the icing. We feel like typing that again with some periods thrown in, for emphasis. Red. Velvet. Pancake.  With cream cheese. Icing.

    John O'Groats of Pico Boulevard has a pair of famous flapjack options in its buttermilk and buckwheat offerings, but the lemon and applesauce are pretty choice, too. Consider that those flavors are at once adult- and kid-nice, a little sweet but healthy, too. Share with your tot.

    Susan Feniger's STREET proves that pancakes, of course, are not just for enjoying during the early morning hours. We're tempted by the Highland eatery's Mung Bean Pancake, which includes kimchi, scallions, and shitake.

    Little Dom's on Highland puts ricotta in its blueberry pancakes, proving that, once and for all, that particular cheese makes everything better. Science, just consider that one solved and done. You'll have to fight not to order the Nutella panino, though. Because Nutella and ricotta are pretty much neck-in-neck in the "making everything they're added to better" category.

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