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Rrowr: Natural History Museum Goes "Jurassic World"

Visit the dino-y landmark, then head to Regal Cinemas for the flick.



    Rrowr: Natural History Museum Goes "Jurassic World"
    Natural History Museum
    Visit the dino-y landmark, then head to Regal Cinemas for an early viewing of the flick (complete with museum-led Q&A).

    In a universe teeming with infinite possibilities and outcomes, no one is saying you won't, at some point during a visit to the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park, find yourself on a motorcycle, trying to outrun a gaggle of fleet-footed Tyrannosaurus rexes.

    But ... probably not? The most likely outcome of your visit is you'll eye some of the most perfect T. rexes in all the land (fossils, not real things). If that seems too staid for you, however, you can purchase a special ticket and eye both the fossils and a guy on a motorcycle outrunning a gaggle of dinosaurs.

    Indeed, we speak of "Jurassic World," one of the summer's big event movies, and we speak of actor Chris Pratt, who can be seen on posters in such a motorcycle-dino situation. The Natural History Museum wants T. rex mavens to get both the history of the ancient beasties and the fictional fun of being chased by them, all in one fell swoop.

    That fell swoop arrives the day ahead of the film's official opening, on June 11, at two locations: The Natural History Museum, to start, where dino devotees who purchase a combo ticket can view the institution's "T. rex growth series, the only one of its kind that shows a baby, juvenile, and fully grown Tyrannosaurus rex." 

    "Jurassic World" Full Trailer

    [NATL] "Jurassic World" Full Trailer
    "Jurassic World" will bite into the box office beginning June 12, 2015.
    (Published Monday, April 20, 2015)

    After a (motorcycle-less) spin around the exhibit, you'll zoom, by your own vehicle, to Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live for a 7 p.m. showing of "Jurassic World."

    Bring your questions from your earlier-in-the-day museum visit: There's a question-and-answer session to follow with a paleontologist, a special effects artist and a science writer. Many of the queries, one imagines, will be how real is the stuff on screen and how on earth did they pull it off with such big-teethed flair.

    If you need your "Jurassic World" viewing with a dose of facts and real-life dinosaur bones, saddle up that pterodactyl and make for the Natural History Museum on Thursday, June 11.

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