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SAG Time: Try for Two Red-Carpet Bleacher Seats

Eye the stars from a close-by perch at the thespian award show favorite.



    SAG Time: Try for Two Red-Carpet Bleacher Seats
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    The Screen Actors Awards head for The Shrine on Saturday, Jan. 18. Want a close-up look? Try for two red-carpet bleacher seats. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

    Where are you standing right now, if you happen to be standing while reading this? 

    We'd guess any number of places -- a hallway in your home, a sidewalk, outside the dentist's office -- but if it were January, February, or March, we'd also posit that you're standing upon a red carpet.

    Why do we posit this, in partic? Because our city is absolutely lousy with red carpets during the first fourth of the year. You can barely go a mile without encountering one, given that awards season is in full swing and the iconic rugs are rolling out across town.

    The Screen Actors Guild has one of the most glittery of crimson-hued walk-ups, and you have a chance to grab a ringside -- er, um, carpetside -- seat to the action. Discover Los Angeles, the good people who help visitors get to know this overwhelming megalopolis in a more intimate fashion, has a contest on, and the big giveaway is this: Two VIP bleacher seats at the Saturday, Jan. 18 SAG Awards.

    This is good stuff, if you're into being star-adjacent, because A) actors famously love their own awards show, and famously turn out in force and B) movie stars are known to sign autographs and say hello to fans along this carpet. Not that they don't occasionally socialize with the crowds elsewhere, but let's call it a hallmark of this particular night.

    If you're into this -- and lots of people are -- then best enter by Sunday, Dec. 28. There are several other goodies attached, like three nights at the Hotel Angeleno, and if you want to tell a Hollywood-loving friend about it who might live elsewhere, check it: Two roundtrip tickets on either American Airlines or Amtrak are involved.

    Ohhhh, yeah: And a VIP tour of Warner Bros. Please tell us you've seen the backlot? It's time. "Gilmore Girls," "The Music Man," the new Oscars trailer, all shot in La Burbankia.

    And we're rather happy to see all of those rolls of red carpet come out of storage at the start of the year. After the festive spirit of the holidays, we're looking for a little pizzazz in our winter. Awards show season comes carrying two big buckets of pizzazz in each hand, making the predictable doldrums of the chillier season far less doldrum-y, indeed.

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