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Salty Soiree: LA's First Bacon Festival

The meaty superstar will reign on the Miracle Mile.



    Salty Soiree: LA's First Bacon Festival
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    Bacon? Yeah, we've heard it's popular. Live it up with the salty superstar at the Petersen Automotive Museum on Saturday, Feb. 9.

    Few things have transcended the table in the way that bacon has over the last few internet-buzzy years. Bacon has not only has left the table, in fact, but has departed the kitchen and entered the wider world of food-based pop culture.

    We remain amazed at the non-bacon-related products that bacon regularly graces (pajamas and lunchboxes? We're looking at you.) Bacon perfume? It exists. Oh yes it does.

    So the fact that the first-ever LA Bacon Festival ran out of tickets and moved to a wait list doesn't surprise. What does surprise? The fact that our cuisine-mad city didn't jumpstart the bacon-as-king trend. Even our state's fair capital regularly devotes a week to bacon-based beverages and demos.

    But perhaps the timing is just right for the mega bacon bash, which sizzles at the Petersen Automotive Museum on Saturday, Feb. 9. Other foods have taken the recent trendy crown -- hi, meat pies -- so it was time for bacon to return and make its stand.

    And make its stand it shall. A bevy of vendors, from Bakon Vodka (mmm) to the Muddy Leek to Slater's 50/50 to The Sticky Pig, will be serving up sweets, savories, and sips of a salty nature.

    Hours are 3 to 6 p.m. Here's how you get in on the action.

    And even if you can't make it? The vendors are, snout-to-snout, the best and the brightest on the bacon front. Could you make a month of trying them all, since most are based here in town? That could very well be the next bacon trend: the bacon tour.

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