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Santa Monica Macabre: All-Night Aero Horrorthon

Snacks, a few B films, and Halloween fun are afoot on Montana Avenue.



    Santa Monica Macabre: All-Night Aero Horrorthon
    American Cinematheque
    The Aero's annual Dusk-to-Dawn Horrorthon brings out some great costumes, funky snacks, and a few scary (and sometimes funny) Halloween movies. It eeks in Santa Monica on Saturday, Oct. 26.

    It doesn't matter how old you get or what jobs you hold or how much you've adultified your life. There are certain things you miss from your youth, and in the top three of that category, for many people? Staying up all night doing something ridiculous.

    Please. When's the last time you did that, and not as a chaperone to a slumber party or because your dog ate one too many pieces of bacon? (He's okay, right? Good.) What we're saying is this: Opportunities to greet the sunrise after laughing a lot of the night get fewer once you're given your official Grown-Up Identification Card.

    American Cinematheque will have none of that nonsense, though. The movieheads throw an all-nighter each fall, just before Halloween. It's called the Dusk-to-Dawn Horrorthon, which tells you two things. One? It happens from when it gets dark to when it gets light basically, and scary movies are involved.

    The dastardly date? Saturday, Oct. 26.

    Hoo boy. And now for the sextet that'll screen. "Amityville II: The Possession" is up first, followed by "Kingdom of the Spiders," "The Fly," "Hell High," "The Car," and "The Sentinel."

    Eek x 6.

    There shall be free snackage between films and other horror-happy high jinks. Do people show in costume, too? People smart enough to stay up all night participating in something semi-silly and all-wonderful do.

    Look, even if you don't go to this -- tickets are $20 each, for six movies, big whoa -- then vow to stay up for a good chunk of some upcoming night, when you can, doing not much of anything important. Call it a carefree part of our youths that we're permitted to visit, now and then.

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