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Santa Monica Pier + Central Park = BFFs

Our iconic play area forms a summer partnership with NYC's backyard.



    Santa Monica Pier + Central Park = BFFs
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    Santa Monica Pier announced on Wednesday, Jan. 23 that it will partner up with New York's own Central Park for some summer culture.

    There are a few people who still insist on stoking the New York City vs. Los Angeles embers, embers that have crackled for decades. Which city is more cultured, which city is more fabulous, which city has it going on.

    But the majority of Angelenos and Big-Apple-ers seem in agreements that both megalopolises are just fine, thankyouverymuch, and have plenty of pluses that should in no way detract from the other city's plentiful pluses.

    For example, New Yorkers get to enjoy hanging in Central Park in the summertime, listening to free tunes. Us? We head for the beach, and Santa Monica Pier, to do the same.

    Those two places have a lot in common in terms of their warm-weather programming, in fact, which has led to a new partnership for the summer of 2013. Santa Monica Pier made the announcement on its Facebook page, and S. Jay Farrand, executive director of the pier, shared a bit more about the bicoastal handshake on Huffington Post.

    No major artist reveals were given, but Mr. Farrand did share that Central Park's SummerStage and our pier's Twilight Concert Series will work together to pursue scintillating and, of course, admission-free programming. (That's part of the team-up; both series are free, meaning that their resources are not boundless.)

    Does this mean it will become a feather in a performer's hip fedora to play in NYC's legendary green space on week and over the waves of the Pacific the next? That could be the next get in the music world.

    It's a natural pair up, we think, and makes us long to hum "Santa Monica Pier and Central Park, sittin' in a tree..." Of course, that would have to be one mighty big tree.


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