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Santa Monica 'Stache: It's a Movember Blow-Out

Is that upper lip looking fiercely fuzzy? Time to party, fundraising mustache-growers.



    Santa Monica 'Stache: It's a Movember Blow-Out
    Movember's wrapping up, but not before the mustache-growing fundraiser throws a Santa Monica gala soiree and judge-a-thon on Sunday, Nov. 30.

    What's on your to-do list after Thanksgiving weekend wraps?

    Well, you probably should wash and stow the gravy boat, because, let's be honest: It'll be awhile before you call upon it again, unless you happen to live in an all-gravy, all-the-time kind of household.

    You definitely have to wash the sheets, once the relatives catch their plane, because not changing the guest bed pronto means you may forget before your next guest, and that is terribly uncouth. (You're not uncouth, are you?)

    And if you've been growing a mustache for a full month, to fundraise for the men's health initiatives supported by Movember, you'll need to start researching a barber to shave your face, or find that special razor that'll do the job.

    Movember makes the post-Thanksgiving mustache-minded happenings easy, though, with a final-day-of-the-month, judge-that-mustache Gala Parté at Santa Monica Pier.

    Date: Sunday, Nov. 30 (we weren't pulling legs over the final-day-of-the-month bit). Time: 1 p.m.  Cost: Twenty bucks. The judging? It'll go down from 1 to 2:30 p.m., so make sure what you've been carefully growing and brushing and tending to over the last few weeks is well-trimmed and nicely waxed and ready for deep ogling.

    Costumes that coordinate with your style of 'stache -- maybe a barbershop-quartet-y striped shirt and boater hat for your 1900-type mustache? -- are welcome and encouraged.

    Live tunes, a bar, and the other madcap-y merriments associated with the people who put on Movember, year after year, will be in the house. (Read: on the pier.)

    Everything's over by 6 p.m., meaning you have time to get home, stow the gravy boat, and wash those guest bed sheets before heading back to work on Monday.

    Seriously, wash those sheets, even before re-shelving the Thanksgiving tableware. 

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