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Savory Dining Deals: dineLA Returns

Prix fixe lunches, drink deals, and everything tasty? Yes, yes, and yes.



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    dineLA opens for its 12-day summertime run on Monday, July 15. What restaurant will you try this go-around?

    dineLA, our city's annual Restaurant Week -- make that a couple-of-times-a-year Restaurant Fortnight -- is coming around quite often these days, and thank goodness for that.

    But the flip side is that people who like to dine out and discover fresh eateries can grow, well. Cavalier. We're just being honest. And to become cavalier about dining deals and discounts returning with the precision of a clock is to court disappointment. Truth.

    There've been a number of moments following recent dineLA Restaurant Weeks where people have said "let's go to XYZ, they're participating in dineLA!" only to realize that dineLA has just wrapped days before.

    Cue the sad face music.

    We say this not to be scoldy. Rather, we want you to enter this information into your phones or your calendars or write it on your hand or do what you have to do: dineLA Restaurant Week is just ahead, from Monday, July 15 through Friday, July 26.

    Here are those dates again, only slightly different, if you prefer the slash style: 7/15-7/26.

    Do we need to repeat them? Because we can't have you going all sad-faced come July 27, when everything will be done for another round and the discounts will have vamoosed.

    And those deals and discounts, of course, are good: Prix fixe lunches are in the $15-$20 range at hundreds of restaurants, while dinner skips from $25 to $45. A few courses are involved, so you'll get to taste a couple of things from your chosen restaurant. A restaurant you've been wanting to try, we'll guess, so everyone wins: the business, you, and your tummy. Oh, and let us not forget: your wallet, too.

    Okay, are we good on the dates? July 15 through July 26. Don't close this post and forget. Write it down. Say it twice. Got it? Good. And good eating, discount devotee.

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