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Savory Steam: Largest U.S. Ramen Fest Returns

Ramen Yokocho noodles up Santa Anita Park.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    "The largest ramen show" steams up the final weekend of March at Santa Anita Park.

    Is the ramen noodle the planet's most versatile food?

    It most often appears in steamy hot bowls, surrounded by vegetables, meats, tofu, and a rainbow of spicery, but quirky cameos in other cuisine-y favorites are growing more common. The ramen hamburger, with the bun created out of chewy noodledom? That's a thing. Ramen cookies? Take 'em in butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate, beyond.

    So the fact that ramen festivals are flourishing with the full flower of a foodstuff that's got a mega huge fan base does not surprise. Rather, it only delights, a delight that will be out in slurpy, chopstick-wielding force at Santa Anita Park on Saturday, March 29 and Sunday, March 30 for Ramen Yokocho.

    "The Largest Ramen Show in the U.S." features a host of ramen-making experts and competition champions, so the noodles in the house -- er, park -- shall be of the top-notchiest sort. Kurume-style ramen, Tonkotsu soup, and spicy miso ramen burgers are three of the deliciousnesses that'll be part of the flavor-packing day.

    The price? Eight bucks a bowl, five bucks to get in, four bucks for parking.

    March 29 is also the Tokyo City Cup and Japan Family Day at the park.

    Will you make for Arcadia to eat your go-to ramen, the savory stuff you order each time? Or will you sample a few new tastes? At this huge, happy-eating fest, you have choice, so go both.

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