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Science Is Cool: First Fridays Return

DJs, dinosaur history, and LA wildlife shine at the Natural History Museum.



    Science Is Cool: First Fridays Return
    First Fridays? They're the science-forward-iest, DJ-cooliest parties in town. The first Natural History Museum bash is up on Friday, Jan. 10.

    Science exists across all dimensions, planes, matter fields, and time, and yet? And yet it is the period that runs from January to June slightly more science-y, at least around Southern California? 

    Indeed it is, and you don't need to haul out the beaker set or run a test tube-laden experiment to discover this is so. You only need head for Exposition Park, and the Natural History Museum, on the first Friday of January, February, March, April, May or June, to see science and deep thinking and DJ beats in action.

    Oh, did we not-so-accidentally say "DJ beats" there? We meant to, because what we're referring to is First Fridays, the coolest, DJ-y, science-talk-y, big-idea-ian, six-times-a-year party to alight, like a dragonfly, in Los Angeles.

    Oh, did we not-so-accidentally say "dragonfly" there? We meant to, because the first First Friday will boast a brainy discussion called "What Dinosaur Cancer, Drunken Stallions, and Obese Dragonflies Can Teach Us About Being Human." The short of it? "Animals and humans face many of the same health challenges," it's true, and we can learn from that.

    A talk on tracking LA wildlife is also in the mix. And as for the mixing? A KCRW DJ lounge'll be in the house, or museum, rather, and Conway and Youngblood Hawke will provide the live tunes.

    Here's the quirky deal with the first First Friday, though. It's *not* the actual first Friday of January, since that's still smack dab in the holidays. Rather, look for it on Jan. 10. Is this some sort of quantum time twist dealie? That's what we're going to call it.

    The science-sweet-scene-y goodness is very often a full house, or museum, rather, so tickets ahead of time are a must. You want to know about what you and dragonflies have in common, right? 

    We told you that the first half of the year ups the science factor. Second half of the year, you might have to bring it.

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