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See's Candies, The Grove, and The World's Largest Lolly

The colossal confection goes on display, for one-day only.



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    See's Candies
    See's Candies has been a Golden State institution for over nine decades. Want to eye what's being billed as the world's largest lollipop? The See's at The Grove is displaying it on Saturday, July 20.

    Thousands of Californians have sweet feelings toward See's Candies, the confection company that was founded here in the Golden State over nine decades ago.

    And while many of us have heart-tugging memories of calling upon a black-and-white-decorated shop with our grandmother -- should we choose a buttercream or a caramel? -- we likely never encountered the world's largest lollipop during those long-ago visits.

    But if you go to The Grove with your grandmother, or any other See's buff in your life, on Saturday, July 20, you will encounter just that: The old-timey candy purveyors will be displaying what's being billed as the largest lolly on the planet.

    A replica, that is, so don't try for a taste. There's no need to be sad about that, however; See's is handing out free lollipops. Regular-sized, that is.

    Here's a question for you and Grandma: Does the iconic shape of a See's lolly, its rectangular boxy form, make for a more satisfying eating experience over the usual disc-like lollipop? We think it might. We're sure the confectioners down at the big See's HQ on La Cienega have pondered this question and often.

    Have there been whole studies devoted to the unusual shape of a See's lolly, even? In our dreams there have been.

    The giant replica lolly is on display from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on July 20 at the mid-city shopping center.

    And when we pondered if you chose buttercream or caramel before, that was a trick question. You always go lemon coated in dark chocolate at See's, right? We mean, that just goes without saying.

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