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Shave the Date: Here Comes Movember

Wonderful and whimsical facial hair is the star of this annual fund-raising drive.



    Shave the Date: Here Comes Movember
    Ready to get clean shaven and then grow, grow, grow that mustache to raise funds for men's health? Movember's on the way and Nov. 1 is your official "Shave the Date."

    "Put a bird on it" may have been the oft-repeated rallying cry of the last few years, a retail-centered bit of satire that came courtesy of television cult favorite "Portlandia." The upshot of the phrase? If you have a tote bag or t-shirt or hair clip, it is best with a pert little bird.

    But birds have been supplanted as a favorite design detail by a rather unusual contender: the mustache. Wee 'staches can now be found on products aplenty, from stationery to soaps to sweaters.

    Let's thank Movember in large part for this handsome trend. The annual November fundraiser asks men to go clean shaven on Nov. 1 and then grow the heck out of their facial hair for the remainder of the month.

    And while those follicles are busy a-workin', night and day? Those 'stache-seeking men are out stirring up donations and supporters to contribute to their mustache-growing and ultimately men's health iniatives.

    Nov. 1 is, in fact, the much-photographed fundraiser's official "Shave the Date." Meaning that barbershops and hair salons and bars and community centers throughout the land will be proffering straight-edge razors and trimmers on the first day of the eleventh month, all to get the whiskery ball rolling. Participants must start their furry facial journey fully clean shaven.

    There are several spots around Southern California holding shave nights, and any type of place or business -- not just barbershops -- may register to host a shave event.

    And, yep, women can raise money, too. We are all Movember.

    So, what look will you go for this year, gentlemen, as you participate in a fine movement? The 1970s action star? The 18th-century mutton-chopped orator? The lip's the limit.

    Let us also pause to acknowledge that not only have mustaches taken over the small gift market, they've taken over movie screens, too. "Saving Mr. Banks," "American Hustle," and "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" are all major holiday releases that feature mustache-wearing men in the leads.

    Hirsute facial goodness, your time, stardom, and fundraising efforts are absolutely nigh.

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