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Sidechella: Like Coachella, but in a Car

Can't make the desert? You may tool around LA in a Coachella-ized ride.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Sidecar launches Sidechella, a Coachella-type experience, on Friday, April 18 and Saturday, April 19.

    We tend to say certain words more frequently when springtime arrives. Bunnies? Yes. Flowers? For sure. Taxes? That's in there. Chocolate eggs? You bet.

    But 'round Southern California, we are also heavily -chella-ing our day-to-day conversations, at least come April. Yep, the massive-mega-music-megalopolis known as Coachella is to thank, but several -chellas have spun off in recent years. Like Brokechella, for example, which rolls, cheaply, with the tunes, on Saturday, April 19 downtown.

    The next -chella is up, -chellaists (which is, of course, pronounced very much like "celloists," in case you're wondering). It's from Sidecar, the rideshare app, and, you guessed it, it is indeed called Sidechella.

    What's exactly is Sidechella? Some cars toodling around Los Angeles on Friday, April 18 and Saturday, April 19 will be rocking the "full Coachella experience" inside. This means "fun music and swag," the swag being "sunglasses, tank tops, bubbles, wands, etc."

    Drivers of Southern California, if someone is blowing soap bubbles out of the car in the next lane, know that you've been -chella'd.

    A band or artist is set to show up in one special Sidecar, so you might choose the one with the live tunes. Radio? Pah! Leave that dial to off; you're being entertained along the way by a real live honest-to-goodness musician.

    Rides in San Francisco and San Diego shall be -chella'd-out as well. No extra fee required, beyond the Sidecar fee. Just chillaxin' on the road like you might in Indio.

    All righty, -chella namers of Southern California. What's next? We're waiting on your creative monikers and ideas. -chella something surprising up for our pleasure.

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