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Sign of Summer: The Transformers Talk Back

The Universal Hollywood attraction now includes interactive tech.



    Sign of Summer: The Transformers Talk Back
    Universal Hollywood
    Megaton and Optimus Prime now interact with guests while they wait to board the "Transformers: The Ride 3D" experience at Universal Hollywood.

    There is a large group of theme park enthusiasts that not only visit often but visit their favorite attractions often. We're talking over and over. That guy that disembarks the ride, walks around the front of the building, and gets back in line? Yeah, him. That's who we're referring to here.

    It's a rather amazing calling, and people report riding the same ride hundreds of times, happily. But what if the ride changed slightly every time you're on it? It's a question designers and engineers have been asking the last few decades, with interactive voice technology serving as one path to an ever-fresh experience.

    Universal Studios Hollywood is now on board via Megatron and Optimus Prime. You know them better as the giant, mega metallic stars of "Transformers: The Ride 3D." As part of its "Summer of Survival" campaign, the Universal City theme park has introduced tech that gives both 'bots voices, voices they're using to speak to guests

    Update: The characters will stand outside of the ride and interact with people rather than speaking to guests on the ride itself, which is cool, since outside of an attraction is where we need to be entertained the most. (See the photo above and try not to be jealous that you don't have one of those suits in your closet.)

    Seriously. Where can we get?

    Our only question is this: What might Megatron say to us before we board? We imagine he might recommend that we use more sunblock, as we tend to forget during a day out at the theme park.

    The characters will be found outside the entrance to the ride itself (see the photo above and try not to be jealous that you don't have one of those suits in your closet).

    The theme park's Summer of Survival also includes the "King Kong" attraction and the other intense destinations around the hillside enclave. (Are you thinking T. Rex? Yeah, you should be.)

    If you care for your Universal Hollywood screams to be of the more vintage variety, there's still time to invent a new spin on a classic movie monster, with the hopes that your creation will be a part of Halloween Horror Nights. Have an idea? Deadline is Monday, July 1.

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