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Signs of Spring: Free Grand Park Concerts Open

The twice-a-month lunchtime shows'll run from March to May.



    Signs of Spring: Free Grand Park Concerts Open
    Grand Park
    Grand Park's free music events, from Sunday Sessions to weekday lunchtime concerts, have been popular. Ready for a little warm-weather sweetness? The twice-a-month daytime shows opened on March 6.

    Crocuses are one traditional sign of spring, though whether most people could recognize a crocus or not is another matter. (It's kind of a purple-blue, with a yellow stamen.) Budding trees, warmer breezes, and Daylight Saving Time are three more signs, signs that are in full effect this early March.

    But another delightful symbol of the warmer months? Free concerts in pretty al fresco settings. Those don't get a lot of play in the brisker days of winter, save perhaps New Year's Eve, but come March? You can't stop 'em.

    Out of the gate, right away, is Grand Park's lunchtime concert series. It's twice-a-month, from March to May, and it opens on Thursday, March 6.

    The theme? Artists based here in Los Angeles, yep yep. What you need to do? Show up every other Thursday, from March 6 through May 29, with your sandwich, chips, and apple, and do some chillaxing.

    Chillaxing is sort of a springtime thing, right? Not much to chillax over, properly, in the chillier seasons.

    The bands and acts are most spring-worthy, too: Adaawe opens the series with a "fusion of African music, R&B/pop vocals, jazz-funk, Latin, and Reggae, steeped in Gospel harmonies." Closing out the lunchtime sounds on May 29? LA Opera Associate Chorus Master Jeremy Frank, who'll go the solo piano route.

    Eclectic and free are the keywords.

    Seven shows, 90 minutes each, all free. And even if you don't spy a crocus in the park, you can know for sure that serious chillaxin' is on its way, courtesy of longer, lovelier, free-event-ier days.

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