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Snow Days at the Zoo

Watch animals eye icy sculptures and treats.



    Snow Days at the Zoo
    Tad Motoyama
    A snowman with leafy arms? It's one of the zany sights of the LA Zoo's Snow Days. The flurry-tastic fun happens on Saturday, Jan. 24 and Sunday, Jan. 25.

    We hear a lot of words during our local weather reports -- "sunny" and "partly sunny" and "mostly sunny" and "soon-to-be sunny" and "very sunny" among them -- but "snap" is not a term meteorologists trot out all that often.

    We don't have cold snaps around Southern California, for the most part, and hot snaps? Well, that saying has never found much purchase. But just in time for the mega cold snap rolling through much of the nation comes the news that the Los Angeles Zoo will experience something of a very localized cold snap, courtesy of Snow Days. 

    True, this cold snap is fully human-backed, what with the trucking in of a whole mess of snow, and snow-related fun times, on Saturday, Jan. 24 and Sunday, Jan. 25. But there's no rule written in the weather rulebook that cold snaps come just from the sky. (We think? Weather rulebook people, weigh in.)

    Snow Days at the LA Zoo involves the creation of picture-cute, and animal-tempting, "snowy wonderlands" -- yep, expect to see various large felines sniffing at snowmen -- as well as a snow play area for visitors. (That's people, not animals, just to be clear.)

    Whimsical ice-carving demos, a sledding hill, a scavenger hunt, and a pose-in-front-of-it snow globe round out the chilly doings.

    As for the much-attended Zoo Lights? Those wrapped just after New Year's, so this is your next wintertime zoo to-do.

    As for cold snaps to come? Well, it may dip back into the 60s, for the high, around Southern California soon. Could that be termed a "mild snap"? Weather mavens, we humbly submit a fresh term for the temperature-laden maps of America. 

    May mild snap, at least here in the balmy land of swaying palms, catch on. 

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