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Special Downtown 'Downton' Screening

Pull your tails and gloves out of storage, fans, for this early showing.



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    Downton Abbey
    'Downton Abbey' devotees will gather at The Theatre at Ace on Sunday, Dec. 13 for a sneak peek at the final season's first episode.

    It took awhile, maybe a season or two, for fans of a certain doily-laden drama on public television to drop the second "w" when writing the name of the series.

    After all, many of us had written "downtown" for years, whether giving a friend directions or describing a day out in the city in a letter to a relative. Losing a "w" for "Downton Abbey," the upstairsiest, downstairiest treat to vault across the Atlantic in some time, took time, even for the superfans.

    And, oh crumpets, are there ever a lot of those. The Julian Fellowes-created show has leapt to huge heights over its last five seasons, and the start of its sixth season, its last, has its followers all afuss over what will come of the starched setting they're completely golly over.

    You can find out early, or at least watch the season 6 premiere a few weeks in advance, and on the big screen, too. The first episode of the sixth season of "Downton Abbey" plays at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on Sunday, Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. in the evening, a full three weeks ahead of its PBS airing.

    This is, of course, where the play between Downton/Downtown comes in. The Theatre at Ace Hotel happens to be downtown, on Broadway, so telling all of your envious PBS-lovin' pals that you're off to see Downton downtown will require some deft handling of that undercase "w."

    But we believe in you.

    Tickets? They're twelve bucks (not pounds or pence, though if you're really into the series, you can pretend in your mind). There's also an afternoon tea beforehand, and a nice dinner after, and they're both ticketed separately, but bet the Downton devotees shall be plentiful at both.

    Which makes us ask this: Are you going to wear your fancy Dowager-style bustle? A Lady Mary hat? The series is soon to bid farewell, dear fans, so if ever you were going to break out the beaded empire-waisted frocks, a special Downton day downtown would be the ultimate scene.

    Downton. Downtown. Downton.

    It's only taken us, and likely many people, six plot-twisty seasons to get a happy handle on this catchy name. It might be going away too soon.

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