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Spidey(s) to the Rescue: Stan Lee's Comikaze

The comics icon gathers fans for a superhero-y, cosplay-riffic weekend.



    Spidey(s) to the Rescue: Stan Lee's Comikaze
    Stan Lee's Comikaze
    When Loki comes around, Spider-Man -- Men -- are ready to spring into action. Best get your superhero/villain get-up ready and get downtown for Stan Lee's Comikaze. Webs are a-spinnin' from Oct. 31 through Nov. 2.

    If you've ever worked on a really excellent costume -- say, a Thor, complete with flowing locks and detailed boots and armor -- you can find yourself a mite bummed if you show up someplace where everyone rocking T-shirts and a palpable sense of disinterest in the holiday, fun, or dressing up.

    That will not be your experience on Halloween if you happen to find your Thor-awesome self at The Ultimate Trick-or-Treating event, which is part of Stan Lee's Comikaze, LA's "very own pop culture convention for comic book, horror, gaming, and sci-fi fans..."

    The con is all over the Oct. 31 tradition, with "hundreds of candy-giving exhibitors" packing the Los Angeles Convention Center.

    So, yeah. Your Thor get-up better bring it, with all the power of Mjolnir.

    Bet there'll be plenty of Marvel sightings over the Friday, Oct. 31 through Sunday, Nov. 2 weekend, given the Marvel-tastic life of the icon whose name graces the name of the event. But Doctor Whos, werewolves, and any fantastical creation is, of course, welcome.

    The Halloween-y trick-or-treat action is just one item on the con's busy calendar. Stan Lee, Julie Newmar, Adam West, Elvira -- four wows, in a row -- will appear, as well as a host of actors and artists and writers and creative people. Hello, John Barrowman, hello, cast of "My Little Pony." Hello hello.

    A cosplay contest and a geek couture fashion show are two other lively highlights in the pop culture-packed weekend.

    And will there again be a delightful cadre of Spider-Mans -- Spider-Men? -- keeping the LACC free of dastardly villains, but perhaps slightly webbier than when they arrived? Well, it is year four for the convention, and many Spideys have shown in the past, which makes perfect sense, given that the property's legendary patron and co-creator is one Mr. Stan Lee.

    Keep an eye(s) out for baddies, Spideys of Comikaze. And to everyone else, enjoy trick-or-treating in a place where many, many costumes will be out in full, dynamic, superhero-cool force.

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