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Spooky On-Sale: Giant Glendale Haunted House Facade

The buzzed-about, oh-so-large "home" is ready for a new home.



    Spooky On-Sale: Giant Glendale Haunted House Facade
    Hollywood Haunter
    The Hollywood Haunter facade, the one that had a lot of Glendale buzzing over Halloween, is up for sale on Craigslist. How big is your truck?

    The first part of November is not only famous for the encroaching fa-la-la-ment of Christmas -- it's hard to open a newspaper or turn on the television without seeing toys/candy canes/reindeer -- but it is also known as the time when Halloween leftovers are dumped into the "everything must go" bin.

    Blinky skull masks, wiggling ghost lights, foam tombstones all make the sale bin, and, on occasion, a 25-foot-tall haunted house facade that had a lot of its neighborhood buzzing ahead of the scariest of holidays.

    Indeed, Halloween-loving people of Glendale, we are referencing the Hollywood Haunter house at 1547 Garden Street. The home haunt, which is owned and overseen by Chris Leslie and Jeana Docter, has gained a reputation over the last few years as going as eeriely all-out as all-out gets, but the couple topped their past efforts in 2014 with a giant, detail-perfect haunted house facade.

    Now that rather amazing facade is up on Craigslist, and the creative duo is searching for a buyer for the "Free Standing Haunted House Facade," which is indeed 25-feet-tall and 24-feet-wide. Plexi glass and plywood are very much in the mix, but note, prospective buyers, that props and lighting are not included.

    Could the movie studios soon start purchasing sets from private citizens? This house looked as if it hailed straight from a cobweb-laden, drearily dressed backlot. Even if a film company doesn't snatch it up, another local home haunter might, meaning that Glendale's gloomiest -- er, buzziest -- sight from the 2014 scary season may live on in another part of the city.

    And the Hollywood Haunter house further proves what Scare LA, the ghoulishly gleeful theme parks, and other Halloween-mad locals know: Southern California is the ultimate capital of the home haunt.

    But we have to be, right? When you live in the dreamland, home of celebrated horror movies and special effects, simply erecting a foam tombstone or two isn't going to get gawkers to queue up at your driveway.

    Movie-makers of Tinseltown, the public's skills are on the rise.

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