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Spring Eats: Pup-Nice Patio Dining

Fancy being outdoors more with a certain furry pal at your side?



    Spring Eats: Pup-Nice Patio Dining
    Heading out with your little Lassie on these fine spring days? Find a lunch patio where you're both welcome.

    Whether we realize it or not, particular locales have particular reputations when it comes to our four-footed friends, and how we comport ourselves among canines when we're out and about.

    Big single-breed gatherings in the park? That's been a staple of New York City over the last few decades. Particular cafes that allow dogs to hop up on chairs? We've seen the charming photos from Paris. And small dogs chilling in pricey handbags? That, our Fido-loving friends, is very much a distinction our own region has gained, rightly or not, over the years.

    But we're here to say that while Los Angeles may never best New York for dog gatherings nor Paris for its chair-pup dining style, we're making headway. Look no further than the famous dog cons on the rise in California -- Solvang Greyhound Gathering, we're applauding in your direction -- and the fact that restaurant patios are abloom with "pets welcome" signs.

    Here are a few making ready for muttlies and other be-tailed visitors this spring...

    The Wallace: The Culver City spot is brunch-ready for you and your bow-wow-er. (Should we start calling our dogs by cutesy handles like "bow-wow-er" more, or will that cement LA's reputation for pups in posh purses?) Dogs are allowed outside and you? You can order good stuff like Gruyere and black pepper popovers and brisket hash. Yeah, your dog's probably getting some brisket on the sly.

    Golden Road Brewing: If you don't see a hound lounging on the patio as you walk up to the popular-popular burger and fancy-pants beer spot, well. It probably isn't open. You're there to people-watch and sip Point the Way IPA, your dog is there to chillax. (Though she does that well anywhere.)

    The Eveleigh: My, my, this place is pretty and rustic-fantastic, meaning any four-footer just looks to be in his or her perfect laid-back element. Is there patio grass made for dog-sprawling? Yep. Are there good human-pleasing dishes on the menu, like lamb meatballs and paso prime bone marrow.

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