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Spurs 'n Stories: Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival

Ten gallons rule a mondo Melody Ranch lasso-up.



    Spurs 'n Stories: Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival
    Esteban Pallares
    Cowboys and cowgirls rule Melody Ranch on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27.

    What if a real-to-darn-tootin' cowboy from 1882 trotted into Melody Ranch, Newhall's own old-West-ian film-and-TV township?

    We have to imagine there'd be a moment of discombobulation -- what's that giant kleig light over there, and that film camera? -- before he'd feel right at home. It's a pretty authentic cinematic setting, with some charming touches to boot, which makes it the perfect location for the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, which dons the saddle again on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27.

    Stories and songs reign during the bustler of a weekend, as does sartorial flair. Both performers and attendees tend to gussy up, ten gallons to clanky-spur shods, the better to enjoy the myriad activities and shows.

    Waddie Mitchell, Cow Bop, The Lucky Stars, The New Buffalo Soldiers, and Biskit Hatch'll be at the microphones during the party, as will a bevy of other centerstagers talking about range ways, ropin' cattle, ranch tales, and all of the dusty-sweet ephemera that fills the clip-cloppin' life.

    Historic encampments, blacksmithing, gold-panning, and other buckaroo-focused to-dos'll dot the setting-perfect backlot.

    Oh, and as for that backlot? Everything rootin' and tootin' has shot at Gene Autry's famous spread, from "The Lone Ranger" to "Deadwood." You really will feel like a real cowboy from 1882 strolling the street, rocking your fringe, mud-caked boots, and chaps. Or at least like a well-outfitted actor from a famous Western series. 

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