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Still Free at 54: LA County Holiday Celebration

Hours of dance, sweet music, and good entertainment? It's a gift for all.



    Still Free at 54: LA County Holiday Celebration
    Los Angeles County Arts Commission
    Quetzal and a host of other fab acts'll take to the stage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on the afternoon of Tuesday, Dec. 24 for the 54th annual LA County Holiday Celebration. The show is free.

    When the end of the year draws near we desire a few things. A little cheer, a little friendship, and for those traditions we count on to happen in much the same order as they've happened in years past. But, with a caveat: That they bring fresh whimsy and inspiration and joy.

    Not costing a cent is rather nice, too.

    The annual LA County Holiday Celebration fits that particular bill on all counts. The ways it is dependable and easy-to-count-on are numerous: It's always at the Dorothy Chandler on Christmas Eve. It's always free. It's always broadcast on television and streamed live. And audience members may arrive when they like and leave when they like.

    High fives for tradition.

    But the fresh whimsy and fun spring from the variety of local dance troupes and musical groups and entertainers who take to the stage to entertain LA in a grand, glittery, and community-spirited fashion.

    The acts ready to Dorothy-Chandler-it-up on Tuesday, Dec. 24 are indeed plentiful, good golly: East LA's own Quetzal "will perform songs celebrating the holidays," the Jung Im Lee Korean Dance Academy will don traditional costumes for a performance, and the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles will summon seasonal cheer through song.

    Over a half dozen of the scheduled groups are new to the celebration this year, further mixing things up in the merriest of ways. And the artists, both returning and debuting? Yep, they're local. That's the deal with this show, year in and year out (and there've been some years, too; it's turning 54).

    Call this Christmas Eve treat our city's favorite free neighborhood holiday show. Yep, the neighborhood in question encompasses the entire county, but who says neighborhood's only take up a few streets? We're all neighbors here, every last millionth one of us. 

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