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Stirring Snapshot Opps: LA Zoo Photo Day

Have a camera and long to get some special animal pics? You can.



    Stirring Snapshot Opps: LA Zoo Photo Day
    Tad Motoyama
    Could you take a moving snapshot like this? Sign up for Photo Day at the LA Zoo and turn your lens on the beasties (and pick up a few tips, too, from nature-photog experts). Photo Day is Nov. 3 but the registration deadline is Oct. 15.

    Animals and photography have a relationship that go back to, well, basically the first week a photographer slid a pewter plate inside a newfangled device back in the early part of the 19th century.

    How beasties and camera equipment interact has moved forward with leaps and bounds and frog jumps and on eagle wings. Speaking of eagle wings and film, you saw the GoPro footage captured from atop that eagle, right? 

    "Amazing" is an overused term, but it is perfectly appropriate here.

    You don't need to take to the skies to get some great animal snapshots, though. The Los Angeles Zoo is holding its annual Photo Day, a day open "to film and digital photographers of all levels."

    The tripods'll be set up, again and again and again, on Sunday, Nov. 3. But note that the registration date comes a few weeks in advance, on Oct. 15. Sign up by that date to make sure you gain entry.

    And what does the LA Zoo Photo Day hold? The chance for shutterbugs to plan and snap pictures at their leisure. Workshops are also part of the scene, and those, of course, have a nature focus. Photo experts will be on hand to advise, and the possibility of loaner equipment is in the mix, too.

    Here's our favorite bit: This all starts at 7:30 a.m., hours before the zoo typically opens. So not only will the scene be a bit crowd-less, but the light'll have that morning-sweet yellow-blue-ness.

    The price is $175 per photographer, but guests may enter with the photogs for seventy bucks each. A "catered lunch" is part of the Photo Day admission.

    Will you finally get that perfect shot of two giraffes nuzzling necks? Or two simians sharing a treat? Bet you'll be surprised by what your favorite whirr-and-click turns out to be.

    The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association and Paul's Photo of Torrance are two of the day's hosts.

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