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Storm Indoors: "Rain Room" Pours at LACMA

The dramatic artwork, recently seen at The Museum of Modern Art, opens on the Miracle Mile.



    Storm Indoors: "Rain Room" Pours at LACMA
    Random International
    The "Rain Room" sprinkles at LACMA is now open. Timed tickets are available through early March 2016. (photo: Rain Room by Random International, 2013, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, photo courtesy Random International)

    Timing, with weather events, can be everything.

    Flurries on Christmas Eve or a sunny Fourth of July or the perfectly clear graduation weekend; how things dovetail meteorologically can delight and astound.

    Take the second week of July 2015, which had already seen an impressive snowfall near Yosemite National Park as well as word that El Niño was on its powerful way. It was also a good time for SoCalers to learn that a near-constant rainfall, at least most days during the daylight hours, would be happening on the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles from late October through early March.

    Worth mentioning? The rain's indoors.

    "Rain Room," the dramatic, much-attended, much-buzzed-over installation that bewitched visitors at The Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2013, made its for-members debut on Oct. 29 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It opens to the general public on Nov. 1 and tickets are required.

    Random International, a London art-and-idea-making creative collective, is behind the surreal space and The Hyundai Project is a partner in the major presentation.

    Are you a bit agog? Searching for words? There are many questions. Do you have questions? Yes.

    Like, will I get wet if I walk into the rain? (Nope, sensors know you're there and the water stops for you.) Is this wasting H2O? (There's a recycling system so the same water loops through again and again, after filtering.) Can I live in the "Rain Room"? (Sadly, no; like the hue-changing James Turrell Ganzfeld, which is also on view at LACMA, it is a timed experience for small groups.)

    "A field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected, Rain Room offers visitors the experience of controlling the rain," says The Museum of Modern Art.

    Neato. Flat. Out. Cool. 

    Nope, we can't predict if snow will be heavy near Yosemite this winter, nor if El Niño will deliver a wallop. But bet your favorite umbrella that "Rain Room" will be incredibly popular, start to finish, and those timed tickets will become as scarce as sunshine in a downpour.

    Want your chance to see this monsoon-meets-museum wonder? Visit LACMA for ticket info.

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