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Stroll Frogtown: Al Fresco Art Enjoyment

The river-snug community rolls out the canvases, drinks, and hula hoops.



    Stroll Frogtown: Al Fresco Art Enjoyment
    Frogtown Art Walk
    Meet the community: Frogtown Art Walk pauses, discusses, leans closer, considers art, and listens to tunes on Saturday, Sept. 13.

    Just about every neighborhood hosts a summertime picnic or spring block party or some other neighbor-nice bash that gets people out and strolling and conversing and moving beyond the usual small talk they might make when they run into each other at the grocery store.

    And while each picnic or baseball game or pool day has its own character, a vibe that represents its local charms, Frogtown, the art-fizzy community next to the LA River, has so much character and such a strong vibe that one almost wonders if the neighborhood has a vibe factory somewhere nearby.

    The Elysian Valley, though, makes its vibe-i-ness out of its devotion to the arts, to music-making, and to each other. That character is on display every Art Walk, an evening that's all about Frogtowners and those beyond its borders sauntering about, seeing art, and soaking in that good flow, a flow that reflects the river at Frogtown's edge.

    The Ninth Annual Frogtown Art Walk ribbits on Saturday, Sept. 13 from 4 to 10 p.m.

    What's on the schedule? A bouquet of studios open for touring, including artist Bill Lagattuta's place. Oh, and Mary-Austin Klein, too. (You've seen her epic desertscapes, yes? See them.)

    Six stages of live music will be live-music-ing the proceedings right up. I See Hawks in LA will play, yep yep.

    And poetry, live typing, performance, and more cultural goodness shall reign, too. Also? River-themed to-dos, including one involving a weather balloon, maps, and a pedi-cab (ferrying people alongside the river).

    For sure, this is very vibe-filled. If you're wishing you're own area had a slice of this spirited action, go soak some in and deliver it home.

    If you're a Frogtowner, lucky you.

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