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Superhero Smooch: Pride Meets Comic-Con

Spider-Man and Batman recreate a famous cinematic kiss on the cover of Pacific San Diego.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Pacific San Diego
    Pacific San Diego, a free monthly magazine, celebrates both San Diego Pride and Comic-Con International in one memorable cover.

    Nobody knows better than a busy, eyes-on-the-city superhero that major events don't happen one after the other but rather all at once.

    Take San Diego Pride and Comic-Con International. Both are huge happenings, boasting thousands of attendees and multiple spin-off to-dos that fill long and festive weekends. That those weekends arrive back-to-back, toward the late-middle of July, didn't escape the notice of Pacific San Diego. The free magazine merrily celebrated both extravaganzas in one memorable cover illustration, a picture that's worth approximately 57,000 words, given the buzz it is generating.

    Indeed, it's the famous upside-down Spider-Man kiss as seen in the 2002 film "Spider-Man." But rather than Mary Jane Watson planting a big one on her arachno-boyfriend, the illustration shows Batman doing just the same in the rain.

    Hello, Pride. Hello, famous movie moment. And c'mon down, Comic-Con.

    KPCC notes that the DC/Marvel meet-up is "unauthorized." But surely fans of both comic giants can dig when worlds collide, as they so often do in the realm of fantasy, building-to-building leaps, and secret millionaires who protect various metropolises. Cosplay, after all, is at the creative heart of many a pop culture convention, including Comic-Con, and dress-up opportunities and pride celebrations are no strangers.

    Comic-Con International opens on Thursday, July 24 though hordes of fans arrive early, typically. Some even early enough, perhaps, to take part in the weekend-before Pride Festival.

    As for that famous Tobey Maguire-Kirsten Dunst smooch? The romantic moment was filmed on the backlot of Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, and the VIP tour always makes a point to show exactly where.

    Who knew when it was filmed that it would become so iconic? And who is next to play those roles in illustrations and cosplays to come?

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