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Supper Shutterbugs, Meet #dinnercam

A new photo booth made not for us but our food debuts.



    Supper Shutterbugs, Meet #dinnercam
    Slide your plate in the MWEB #dinnercam and a pic of your plate emerges, pronto-like. Next step? Social media.

    There was a day, not so long ago, when describing a dinner you enjoyed to a friend involved lots of over-the-top terminology and dramatic gestures.

    "Buttery" and "flaky" and "au gratin" and "to die for" made frequent cameos in the typical dinner-oriented conversation, and the person who ate the meal frequently used their hands to show the size of the steak (a fist) as well as the size of the potatoes (a thumb) and the sea salt granules (a freckle).

    But technology was determined to improve our edible-focused rhapsodizing, and so it has, via social media and particularly Instagram, where right now, as we type, someone is uploading a photo of the exquisite cupcake they just ate. And another. And another. 

    The MWEB #dinnercam may do the phone-snapped salmon teriyaki bowl one better. Gothamist reports that the South African internet provider has created a "portable photo studio" intended not for your mug but your meal. It's "part of a project exploring how WiFi and the web are changing everyday life in public spaces."

    The upshot? Slide your tofu tacos into the plate-ready space, snap a pic, then upload to your heart's hashtagging content.

    El Burro, an eatery in Cape Town, is already giving the #dinnercam a go; can it be long before restaurants around the globe have set up the desktop studio, and diners are lined up, plates in hand, ready for their turn to share their supper, at least via their favorite sites, with their nearest and dearest?

    Curious how #dinnercam works? Watch on, photo foodies.

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